About Us

Lise Bratton and Graeme Murray work in partnership to make artworks in wood using local Scottish hard and soft woods, often incorporating other materials in their designs including stains and gilts, glass, metal and stone.

In 2009, we purchased The Old School at Eckford.  Our plan: to build a creative place near the workshops at Real Wood Studios, Ancrum (where Graeme is a Director) to enable us to develop our work.  The Old School provides the perfect space for the photography, film, drawing and study that informs this work.  Real Wood Studios is a collectively owned enterprise specialising in the creative use of locally sourced native hardwoods in the Scottish Borders.

Any place we decided on also had to have a good garden and The Old School provides just that.  With beautiful views, flower beds, an orchard and substantial vegetable and herb gardens, we are building a productive and creative environment that visitors are welcome to share.

Some examples of our work: